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With so many Taco Caterers to choose from, why choose LVTaco?

LVTaco Catering is not the typical “Taco Man”, it is a Professional Catering Service. We have high quality – delicious food.

What is included in your service?

LVTaco Catering is a full service catering company that includes delivery, set-up, pre-cooked meat, cooked fresh the night before your time slot and brought in warmers (on-site grilling available), buffet with quality and professional service. We will bring all of the equipment needed to serve a party complete with cooking equipment, and our own 6ft serving table and attractive black table cloth.

How do I make a reservation?

REQUEST A BOOKING. We will let you know if the date/time of your event is available. A deposit will be needed to save the date, and your set!

Do I have enough space?

There are two main pieces of equipment; the Grill & Serving table, they can be side-by-side or apart. To fit comfortably we need a 4x6ft space. If you are concerned about space –  contact us at (702) 900-9025

How many Tacos does each person get?

The average Taco-per-person ratio is 3. Some of your guests may only want one -others may enjoy up to 4 to 5. If your head count is correct, everyone will eat tacos.

What happens if there are leftovers?

We provide To Go containers and will package and present the host with any leftovers- enjoy!

Does LVTaco Cater only to private parties or do you do larger events?

We cater to many types of events in the Las Vegas Valley. - 7 Days a week, including, but not limited to corporate events, private events, local youth sporting events, and fundraisers. We have catered events ranging from 40 to 600 + guests. No party is too big!

Do you have a Minimum Headcount?

Technically…Yes. 40 Guests is our Minimum count for our  weekend service. However, we will perform any party. If you request a quote for under 40 guests, you may be required to pay more ‘per guest’ but there is no party too small.

How many hours will you service?

Usually there are 3 hours of service; one hour is for preparation and a 2-hour window of serving (This is for packages of 50 persons and more+). For events with less than 50, there is only one hour of preparation and there is a 1-hour window of serving.

How will I recognize LVTaco?

Our Taco Guys and Gals are really easy to identify. They are profession looking, whose magical hands are kept gloved at all times and wearing our black matching t-shirts. If your event requires a more formal appearance, please let us know, and we will make sure we are looking extra good and matching the attire you desire.

Are your products homemade?

Our signature Red & Green Salsas, Chunky Guacamole and Pico de Gallo are all made from fresh ingredients & spices within just hours of your event to enable the utmost freshness. Yum!

Do you guys cook on location?

IF AVAILABLE - We need an electrical outlet. ***Food typically arrives cooked and ready for us to serve***

What will happen if I want the taco guy to stay more time in my event?

Additional hours are charged at a rate of $55.00 per hour.

What happens if I cancel my event, will I get charged?

Las Vegas loves tacos and we receive calls daily. Once you pay your deposit, your date/time is locked in. Anyone who inquires for your date/time slot will be denied. Since we are protecting your spot and potentially rejecting taco lovers we do not offer refundable deposits.